Rosaries from Flowers

Send us your dried flowers and we can make a beautiful Keepsake

We take your dried flowers and add them to clay. From that we make beads that are baked to harden the clay and preserve the flowers. With those beads we can make rosaries, chaplets or jewelry. 

Our Process

Our process for making beads with your flowers is as follows

Contact us to let us know what you are looking to have made with your dried flowers. Through this process we can determine how many flowers will be needed. The next step will be sending us your flowers. 

*Do not send us your flowers ahead of time. We need to have a conversation before you can send us your flowers. 

Send Us Your Dried Flowers

Once we have determined exactly what you are looking to have done and how many dried flowers will be needed. We will send you a self address envelope for you to ship us your dried flowers. We will also send an invoice with payment options. Once we receive your flowers and full payment has been made, we will begin creating your keepsakes.

*Your flowers need to be dried before sending them to us. If the flowers are not dried properly and cannot be used, we will send them back to your and cancel your order. Click here to check out the process of how to dry flowers. 

We Create Your Keepsakes

We will begin creating your unique keepsakes once we receive your dried flowers. Turn around time will vary on the size and complexity of your order. In our initial communications, we will provide and estimated turn around time for you. 


Once your items are completed, we will ship them out to you. We use USPS First Class shipping for all our orders. Once the package has been shipped, you will be able to track your shipment. 


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